Fibro Warrior Set with Headache Balm Christmas Edition with FREE Jar of Phoenix Bath Salts

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If you arnt keen on Lavender, go to this link

If you havnt listened to the video above with Evie explaining, here is whats in your box 

This selection of Aromatherapy Products are made at maximum therapeutic strength and have been to selected to help relieve many of the symptoms, like muscular and joint pain, chronic pain, brain fog, insomnia, itchy skin, cooling, headaches, and migraines,

Lavender & Peppermint Bath and Massage Oil- great for pain and feeling revitalised for warming up your joints and muscles Phoenix Cream, Phoenix Bath and Massage Oil for headaches and for trouble sleeping try our 15ml Headache Balm and Dreamtime RollOn. Chamomile Geranium & Lavender Cream - is not just an amazing moisturiser that has a calming soothing and balancing it is amazing on your feet at bedtime to help send you off to sleep AND because you need a lovely comforting treat use the Cooltide Ginger Bath Creamer made with cocoa butter and Shea, butter will fix and melting the bath leaving you beautiful silky skinned- plus a gorgeous Handmade and carved flower Tealite for your candlelit bathing experience.... Enjoy

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