Sleep Easy Box Set

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So What’s In This Bedtime Beauty ??? 
Lavender Mist for your pillow. Our famous Headache Balm as soooo many people say it sends them off to sleep.Our amazing Chamomile Geranium & Lavender Moisturising Cream, which I personally think is brilliant before bedtime for it’s relaxing, soothing and calming aroma - your skin will love it too. If you struggle to really relax at bedtime then our incredible powerhouse. Lavender & Clary Sage Bath and Massage Oil will come into its own. I apply a little to my neck and chest before bath and shower, or you could apply there just before bed. The Lavender will relax your mind and the Clary Sage relax your muscles... also really lovely rubbed on your feet for a deep relax. And for a luxurious bed time chill out Lavender Rose and Geranium Bath Creamer this will leave your skin silky soft from the cocoa butter and shea butter and scented with soft floral aroma. Quite frankly this is luscious!

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